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Global Palestine: Contemporary Collisions

John Collins (@djleftover), author of Global Palestine (Hurst/Oxford UP, 2011), explores the global politics of violence and the representation of violence, paying particular attention to the microcosmic and prophetic location of Palestine in relation to these processes.

From Rome To Cairo: Struggles for Democracy

The Mediterranean is a place of apparent difference, but one in which politics and culture are often more similar than we might at first suspect. This blog looks at Italy, Egypt and the relationship each has with the other shore of the 'Med', thinking about political trends in both countries, reflecting on the dangers and opportunities for democracy each of these experiences presents us with.


The Poverty Report

Urban poverty affects too many people to ignore.  Weave blogger Steve Peraza is exploring the problem's many dimensions and thinking through possible ways to solve it.

Les Temps Changent

Somdeep Sen blogs about issues of political radicalism and other underreported stories from around the globe.

Negotiating Our Future

Nicole Szucs Guzman reports on international climate change negotiations and other news related to social movements. 

Dark Green

This blog aims to provide readers with a clearer understanding of the full realm of actions being taken by global citizens in the name of environmentalism by focusing on the “underside” of the environmental movement through critical analysis of issues like greenwashing, ecoterrorism, and radical environmentalism.

The Feather and the Gavel

Native American communities suffer from an array of issues, but one of the most unknown is within the law enforcement agencies and the states within which they live. This blog will discuss some of the main issues of the problem with a unique inside perspective of Akwesasne, a Mohawk territory with 5 borders.

The NGO Monitor

This blog is a platform for critique and conversation about grassroots humanitarian efforts for education, particularly in East Africa and South Asia.  It seeks to: advocate for the local voices being affected by large-scale and grassroots development strategies, profile non-governmental organizations and individual work, and to act as a research journal.

Thinking global climate change, acting...?

Reflecting on observations of the 2011 UN Climate Change Negotiations in Durban, South Africa, this blog ventures into the realms of planetary scale and grassroots action.  It begs the question, how do we reconnote "climate change" to be a force of empowerment and action, rather than of despair and disregard?

The Viral Voice

This blog follows the path of censorship across the viral community and discusses the issues that the future of the Internet could face.  Our freedom of speech on social network sites and other online media outlets are threatened and could change the accessability of information for everyone. I will also be taking a look at the latest breakthroughs in technology since the market for applications and devices is as evergrowing as the Internet.

Queer Unspoken

This blog aims to expose some of the underreported stories behind the queer movement.  I would like the challenge the idea that gender and sexuality are binary.  It will also serve as a resource to trans-attracted people.

Defiling Subjectivities

This blog examines media coverage and representation pertaining to subjectivity and the "psy-disciplines" (psychiatry, psychology, and psychoanalysis). What are the effects of proliferating mental health discourse and practices? Does there exist a politics of "therapy," "health," and "well-being?" Where is the subject - the self - in the multiplicity of mental health practices today?

Occupy Art (Art of the Occupied)

Art is often down played in the media. The media indulges in atrocities, deaths and explosions, and most often ignores positive action, such as art.   Media so often becomes a spectacle, and it only serves to distract people from the true context in which events occur.  Art, on the other hand, makes people think, to consider issues critically and analyze them from different points of view. This form of artistic and creative analysis has been flourishing in the Arab Spring, Occupied Wall Street, and movements for change throughout the world. It is this force that traditional media and systems of power dislike, because it gives a human face to global dilemmas. 



Łukasz W. Niparko invites YOU to come to the SOLIDARITY Avenue; to the space where we recreate the agora of free-thinking individuals who are not afraid of speaking their minds and are ready to shape reality! SOLIDARITY Avenue is a name of the street in Poznań, Poland and memorizes the Polish Movement of Solidarity, which became a platform of freedom operating inside the regime.


Generation Action

This blog serves as a conversation between student activist groups on and beyond St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York. Blogger Allison Paludi examines this new group of human rights activists who are speaking up and proving to be a generation of change.

The Money Trail (group blog)

One of the first rules for anyone who wants to investigate what's going on in the world is: follow the money.  This blog space features posts from a variety of Weave contributors who are focusing on how flows of money are shaping our world. 

Eye on Identity (group blog)

In this group blog, Weave contributors analyze patterns of representation in news coverage and investigate underreported issues related to culture and identity. 

The Big Questions Blog

In addition to the video responses featured in our Big Questions section and on our YouTube channel, the Weave's Big Questions project now features its own blog space.  Watch this space for additional video, commentary, and reflections on the development of this exciting project!

Weaving the Streets (group blog)

Weavers are everywhere, and we are always looking for examples of how ordinary people are using public space to express themselves. In this blog, part of the larger "Weaving the Streets & People's Archive" project based at St. Lawrence University, we are documenting and reflecting on examples of street art and other traces of street-based actions, movements, and forms of expression that are often ignored by mainstream media.

The Landing Place (group blog)

This group blog focuses on a range of environmental issues related to land, water, and struggles for environmental justice and sustainability.

The Poverty Report (group blog)

Building on the work of Weave blogger Steve Peraza, this group blog explores the many faces and aspects of poverty, seeking to challenge conventional representation and assumptions while focusing on deeper structures and solutions.

The Schoolyard (group blog)

Whether in big cities or tiny villages, 21st-century education is education in transition.  Our bloggers are exploring a range of educational issues affecting students, teachers, schools, and communities.

Adopted Identities

This is the narrative of Transnational and Transracial Adoption in the United States: the history, politics, economies, representations, and experiences. As a cultural practice, how are transnational adoptions reconceptualizing the meaning of race, ethnicity, and nationality?