The Poverty Report (group blog)

Building on the work of Weave blogger Steve Peraza, this group blog explores the many faces and aspects of poverty, seeking to challenge conventional representation and assumptions while focusing on deeper structures and solutions.

Pictures of London Homeless Say 1000 Words

I came across an interesting article on Buzzfeed earlier this morning, called 13 Photographs That Will Make You Think Twice About Homelessness.” The pictures were taken in London at the “only free homeless shelter,” Shelter From the Storm by Rosie Holtom and are black and white.

Americans in Poverty Statistics

Here is an infograph I created on Piktochart highlighting poverty percentages in 2012. All of my information was taken from sources such as the United States Census Bureau and Wikipedia statistics on population sizes of both countries and states/territories in the U.S.

The Hopelessness of Poverty

Here is an article that brought me to tears: This is Why Poor People’s Bad Decisions Make Perfect Sense.

Inequality: The Defining Challenge of Our Time

Two blog posts in one night? Who would have thought?

This is another article that I found on Al-Jazeera that I thought would be good to pass on. Here is the first part of the article:

Minimum wage

Hello there everyone! Sorry for the long break between blog posts; I didn’t have internet last week and it made it a little difficult to write (though I am glad I did get a break from technology overloading for a bit).

Suicide of Veterans

            Many individuals are unaware of the high suicide rates within veterans.

Poverty: Social exclusion

Hi, all! In case you don’t remember from my last post, I discussed a little bit about an article from Taki’s magazine by Gavin McInnes titled “The Myth of Poverty.” There were many arguments he made that I thought were insensitive; some of his key points were limited based upon where he is located and the people he mentions in the article.

Poverty is a myth? I don't think so.

A little less than a week ago, I was looking through some articles online discussing poverty in the United States. I came across something by Gavin McInnes on Taki’s Magazine online entitled “The Myth of Poverty.” It certainly grabbed my attention from the get-go.

Food Deserts in Northern New York State

What exactly is a food desert? Last year in my first-year program class at St. Lawrence, I came across this term for the first time. A food desert is an area in which there are a large number of low-income residents that also have low access to supermarkets and fresh, healthy food. This issue is particularly damaging to the rural poor. Although a lot of the data regarding food deserts can be fairly complicated, it points to some more simple key points.