The Money Trail (group blog)

One of the first rules for anyone who wants to investigate what's going on in the world is: follow the money.  This blog space features posts from a variety of Weave contributors who are focusing on how flows of money are shaping our world. 

“The Transparency Revolution”: Will the United States match commitments by the United Kingdom to combat corruption?

In a recent speech at the 2013 Open Government Partnership (OGP) Summit, I was pleased to hear that British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the UK was making several important commitments in the country’s new National Action Plan (NAP) to increase transparency and combat corruption.

Social Investment

One of the reasons I was interested in exploring charity and philanthropy was to decipher if there is a better way to give, specifically in developing areas. In previous posts about foreign aid and the questionability about charities in general, I’ve become more interested in this idea of impact investing and social entrepreneurship.

In the Public Eye: How is xenophobia present in Spain?


In this post I will include the information gathered from a survey I sent out to various friends, colleagues, and professors from Spain. Though the number surveyed is minimal in the grand scheme of things, I think that the responses have helped generate insight into how the public views the situation in Spain in regards to xenophobia, specifically after the financial crisis. 

2012-2013 BCS Bowl Season: A Widening Gap

In my last post, I talked about the present and future payouts from BCS bowl games to certain conferences.  I found that reading the article by Kristi Dosh (click name for link to article) provided me with a number of interesting facts about how money is distributed to different conferences throughout Division One football conferences.

Playing the Defense

In response to my previous posts about The Center for Investigative Reporting’s report on America’s Worst Charities, I have done a little digging myself.

BCS Bowl Games - Problems with Present and Future Payouts

So as of this past Sunday, we have officially kicked off the BCS Bowl Season.  Amongst the excitement of the twists and turns of the regular season, it is hard to forget how important Bowl appearances are to the future success of an athletic program with increased coverage and interest of the football team.  However, as a fan and a blogger, I wanted to investigate what this meant for teams in terms money.

Fortunately, I did not have to go very far.  I found this article extremely useful and easy-to-read article by Kristi Dosh, writer of 'Saturday Millionaires'.

2011-2012: Pre-Conference Realignment

We all know that college football has been going through a lot of recent changes to take advantage of large television deals that will financially profit many Division One athletic programs.

Foreign Aid vs. War Costs: An Infographic Comparison

Through this post, I’m intending to look at aid through a relatively different angle. As related back to my previous posts about foreign aid, foreign aid and involvement in other nations is a debatable topic. In this post, I am providing an infographic, titled Aid to Iraq 2011, which will hopefully put the amount of aid in comparison with the amount spent on war.

Regularization Programs in Spain: From Illegal to Legal in the Blink of an Eye


Aside from visas, be them work, travel, or otherwise, there are various modes of legal entry; however, many illegal immigrants can quickly become considered legal through government programs aimed at creating a larger labor force. In this blog post we will look at the multipl regularization programs Spain has enacted under various governments throughout the past half century. 

Types of Visas: How do I get into Spain?


There are multiple types of visas which allow individuals to enter Spain, which we will outline in today’s post!