Occupy Art (Art of the Occupied)

Art is often down played in the media. The media indulges in atrocities, deaths and explosions, and most often ignores positive action, such as art.   Media so often becomes a spectacle, and it only serves to distract people from the true context in which events occur.  Art, on the other hand, makes people think, to consider issues critically and analyze them from different points of view. This form of artistic and creative analysis has been flourishing in the Arab Spring, Occupied Wall Street, and movements for change throughout the world. It is this force that traditional media and systems of power dislike, because it gives a human face to global dilemmas. 


A Robot's Dream

A Robot's Dream

The Panda Face of Global Fortune

During the last couple of months I have traveled, hopping from country to country, chasing and running across the path of the sun.  I have seen the sun dip behind the outline of the Pacific and the Atlantic.  The jets that carried me across these large bodies of water cut through the clouds, drawing lines of carbon across the pale blue sky.  In between these flights I have spent many air-conditioned hours waiting in the in between places, airports.  Whether you are in China, the US or Germany, these airports looks the same.  They are generic, prefabricated.  At

Post-Culture in Chengdu China

In the early morning the Kuanzhai Alley hums with a melody of muffled footsteps.  The occasional early riser wanders through its cobbled streets passes by like a shadow.

Manufacturing Consent: The Beginning of the Age of Consumerism

We human beings are a made of hidden drives and unconscious desires.  For centuries, governments and the powerful factions of society have been trying to control these hidden forces.  The battle over our minds has shaped the course of history.  This inner war has not been linear; on the contrary, it is like a video loop, continually repeating itself throughout history.  The human mind is an unruly subject, it is hard to control and delve int0 its shadowy inner workings.

Newtown Killings and Our Culture of Spectacle

Outside my window is an American flag.  It sits stiffly, halfway down the pole, damp in the rain. When a tragedy occurs, the flag is lowered to half-mast.  It is an act of national sadness, signifying our unified shock and grief.  After the mass killings in Newton, our country has gone into mourning.  The shock of hearing that 27 people have died, 20 of them children, still resonate within us.

A Dramatic Conclusion

            The Pozos Project came to a dramatic conclusion, at least for the second video group and I, with the final documentary.  After having been zombies and gangsters, this group had a new challenge.  Their task was to represent an aspect of their life, of their reality.  They chose to make a documentary about their family, and the instruments and music their parents created.  At the beginning of the course, I presented all of the groups with a similar proposal.  We were all going to make small documentaries, which captured t

Gangsters in Pozos

The second video the youth made was a gangster film.  They were inspired after making the first movie and started planning the second video just hours after having watched the final version of their zombie flic.  These videos were designed as exercises that caught the student’s interest, while at the same time teaching them how to create and make a film.  I had only intended to work on one fictional piece with the students before moving on to documentary.  But I too was caught up in the excitement of the students.  They had a clear idea and artistic vision, so I all

Zombies and the Beginning of the Creative Process

The Pozos Project was officially concluded on Saturday, the 28 of July.  On Friday, the second group and I finished the last video, a documentary about their parents.  On Saturday morning I gave all the students a DVD of their finished work, concluding a month worth of intense workshops.  In the early afternoon we had our final “comida” with Geoff and Janice, the other assistants, and some of the assistants' parents.  It was sad to say goodbye to the all the people with whom we had worked so intensely.  We had become a family, for we had taught and lived together, c

The Danger in Teaching Art as a "Foreigner"

In the early morning, the streets of Pozos are virtually empty.  People wake up slowly, roused by the crowing of roosters and the chatter of birds.  The clouds come down from the mountains, filling the lonely streets with a thick mist that resembles the ghost of people from another time.

Artistic Update

It is early in the morning and the lights have flickered on and off all night.  At 2 a.m.