Łukasz W. Niparko invites YOU to come to the SOLIDARITY Avenue; to the space where we recreate the agora of free-thinking individuals who are not afraid of speaking their minds and are ready to shape reality! SOLIDARITY Avenue is a name of the street in Poznań, Poland and memorizes the Polish Movement of Solidarity, which became a platform of freedom operating inside the regime.


EU: Migrants, Refugees, and Redistribution

Somewhere between departing from and returning to Europe from North America, this July and August, I have noticed a tremendous shift of rhetoric in the European media. Before my departure I heard about asylum seekers from inter alia Syria seeking their refuge in Europe and often dying on the Mediterranean Sea. Once, I returned, I keep hearing about "migrants" who still keep dying on the boats or while smuggled. Why this shift in rhetoric matters so much and why it is a bit disgusting?

Kids who die... by Langston Hughes

The Color of Change has released a powerful video that is definitely world spreading! Check it out:



Meanwhile in Bosnia…

When most of mainstream media attention in the last couple of days was concerned about the fall due to an overdose of some Hollywood star, and another young celebrity that may go that way very soon. When our commentators were so concerned “why the fifth circle of the Olympic symbol did not work at the opening ceremony in Sochi…" meanwhile in Bosnia and Herzegovina people on the streets were rising, burning presidential and governmental offices, in their disagreement to the neoliberal creed of those in power.


STRIPPED FROM HUMANITY!!! - Have YOU seen it yet?

Have YOU seen it yet? See it!

This is how we treat people in the 21st century, in the middle of Europe... Look carefully how people are STRIPPED from their Human Rights, their humanity - watch how our society is dealing with migrants, with fellow human beings who dream about better life and seek the new opportunities.

Do You feel shock, shame, despair, me too, but They even more!


The link from my Ukrainian Friend...

Couple of days ago, I found in my inbox... a link from my Ukrainian friend sharing the anonymous blog from Maidan Nezalezhnosti - the Independence Square in Kiev. For the last three weeks, I am observing what is happening over there, as well as efforts of those who try to build some 'solidarity avenues' with the people who despite frost-bites and violence from the para-military militia - are standing there for true democracy and freedom. They already did so on the turn of 2004 and 2005, when the Orange Revolution took its place, and they won! But what the people organized by solidarity achieved, was lost to corrupted politics and oligarchy that values only the monetary profit over any values that should rule our societies. Yet having in mind this great failure, the people of Ukraine did not lost their hopes. They are standing there again! One more time believing that solidarity will help them and will bring the change they wish to see. I am sure also many of us are asking: "what I can do to support them?" Blog, write, monitor - the current government in Ukraine and the new elites to come, have to be held accountable... they cannot break promises won on Maidan anymore. Because if they do it again, there might be no more people to stand there in the future... because once the hope for solidarity is lost, the democracy is lost too. Today, Maidan shows to all of us "what democracy looks like!" And It is not only about what the Ukrainian politicians are going to do with that, but also all of us!

585 Maidan Nezalezhnosti, 2013 (AFP,


In an ideal theoretical framework of globalizing the humanity, where global equals local and vice versa, this blended positionality of global and local becomes more central to one’s identity; becomes an identity of a new global citizenship. Very often we talk about the “centers” and the “peripheries”[1] within the world, yet more than at any time before in history, this might be the case that there are not anymore such dichotomist spaces. Now, here is everywhere and everywhere is here... That is why even while speaking about one continent, we cannot totally be disconnected from other six continents and there are many examples to that, like jobs lost to the global economy on one side and the sweatshops taking them over on the other side. It is not anymore about “thinking globally and acting locally,” but thinking globally and locally as well as acting within these two - or choosing to remain passive.


While doing the survey of street art in my city Poznań together with Cathy Tedford for the Weave’s newest initiative “weaving the streets” we were lucky to meet next to the newest Poznań squat “Odzysk” a Turkish traveler Betül. She told us that although being miles away from home, she cannot sit silent. She printed bunch of posters and hanged them around Poznań, telling the message to us: “Dear Citizens of the world” look at Turkey!

"What is Happening in Istanbul?"

Being hopeful about Turkish streets awakening and horrified by the brutality of Recep Erdogan's response to it, I would like to share the entry of a fellow blogger from Turkey, showcasing complicated situation in her country, lack of coverage from mainstream media, and multiple human rights violations. For more action, check Amnesty International website.

When Scheherazade gets silenced...

Over past days, after seeing me more excited and energized than usually, people keep asking: What is so special about the Conference on Media Reform that I had a chance to attend in Denver, between April 4th and 7th that became an ultimate reason for me get my momentum for action. To explain that, let me tell you the story of Scheherazade from “One Thousand and One Nights…”

IRAQ - status quo ante...?

Status quo ante - in Latin: "the state of things before" - in this case, before the war that ten years ago destroyed Baghdad and other places in Iraq, leaving behind thousands of killed, refugees, and abuse of human rights just as it was with the most profound case of the Abu Ghraib Prisoners. "The state of things before" has not arrived there yet, and seems like it will not come soon with for instance rising poverty and infant mortality.