The Viral Voice

This blog follows the path of censorship across the viral community and discusses the issues that the future of the Internet could face.  Our freedom of speech on social network sites and other online media outlets are threatened and could change the accessability of information for everyone. I will also be taking a look at the latest breakthroughs in technology since the market for applications and devices is as evergrowing as the Internet.

Making PRISM Clearer

This week in tech news, a government program called PRISM has gained momentum as the National Security Agency obtained access to social media and search engine data systems. The Guardian and the Washington Post were the first to report about this, showing readers an authentic 41 slide PowerPoint presentation with some revealing information about our daily websites.

The 4G Curse

I came across an article on Reuters today that focused on South Korea’s involvement in 4G development.  Rather than reading about the latest updates, they were issuing a warning to the European countries adopting the technology, specifically England.  The phone company EE has rolled out the 4G network over 100 citie

What's Next for Apple?

It doesn’t seem like much of a surprise that Apple is taking some heat after the Iphone 5 flop.  With options such as the Galaxy S by Samsung and other smartphones on the market, consumers finally have something to

Google's Reign

Let’s face it.  Google has become a pretty vital part of Internet navigation.  Consider research without it for a moment.  We wouldn’t think a company like that would be under much threat, but truth be told, it is.  Not by competitors though, but by government action.  In fact, the Federal Trade Commission recently conducted an antitrust review of the company which lasted for 19 months.  It concluded on January 3rd,

The Australian Radio Hoax Tragedy

This past week has been an eventful one for the UK.  With the announcement of the royal baby and the Duchess of Cambridge being hospitalized for an extreme case of morning sickness, one would think that this is a time for celebration and anticipation.  But no, the UK is in mourning over the loss of Jacintha Saldanha who committed suicide last Friday.

Trinkets!: Firefox OS

390 Today’s trinket is the Firefox OS, a Mozilla mobile device.  Over a year ago, the company announced that they would be planning a mobile operating system and now, the phone is in the prototype stage of its life.  Developers have been working with the alpha simulators which are quite similar to Android features and functionality.  But being

Track Your Wife

New developments in technology do not always grant positive progress.  In Saudi Arabia, women are being tracked via SMS and text messaging services.  If they were to try and escape, their male guardians would be immediately notified through a message.  Even if the women have permission, the men will always know where they

Anonymous vs. Zynga

For those of you who are not aware of the hacktivist group, Anonymous is a cyber gang that strongly opposes censorship and surveillance.  They have infiltrated government files and have constantly threatened big name websites including Facebook, which they have attempted to overthrow multiple times.  They take great inspiration from Guy Fawkes and have been called the “Robin Hood of the Internet.”  This month, they have directed thei

Trinkets!: Shatoetry

Welcome back to Trinkets! taking a look into the 21st century toy box.  Today we go where no blog post has gone before and explore a rather unique app, Shatoetry.

Resurrecting Megaupload

   That’s right, it’s back.  Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has announced that a successor to his former company will be launched this January simply called Mega.  Poetically, on the one year anniversary of the Megaupload seize.  Some of you might remember a previ